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Catherine Ragsdale


Catherine is a writer from Texas. You can find Catherine in Baltimore or in your backyard, planting a pecan tree. 

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Stained: An Anthology of Writing About Menstruation

"People keep telling me about New Mexico in Lubbock" (2023)

Peach Mag

"Never Been Kissed // Always Been Kissed" (2022)

CutBank Literary Journal - 95

"It's almost tomato season and you know what that means" (2021)

Perhappened - Homecoming Issue

"Falconry" (2021)

House Mountain Review - Broadside Contest Winner

"Underpainting" (2021)


Soliloquies 23.2  

"Valencia" (2019)

Porter House Review Editor's Prize - Finalist  

"At Bay" (2019) 

catheXis northwest press

"After I read god's voice" (2019)

"אהבה, Swastika" (2019)


"Triangle of Reference" (2019)

The Nasiona 

"The Tree is a Body" (2019)

Princemere Poetry Prize - Finalist (2018)

Stephan Ross Huffman Poetry Prize - First Place (2017)

Texas Tech Pride Poetry Slam - First Place (2017)


August 3, 2018: BORDERLESS at Studio 4

November 15, 2018: LHUCA Literary Series with Emma Rae Hightower, Catherine Ragsdale, and Vievee Francis

August 2, 2019: Art & Poetry & Fundraising at FFAT at Studio C

October 10, 2019: Geography of the Body in West Texas Sowell Collection Roundtable

March 5, 2020: AWP Offsite, Flatland Flash at Cherrity Bar

March 21, 2021: Virtual Workshop Reading

July 9th, 2022: Workshop - Write Something Saturday

October 8th, 2022: Workshop - Write Something Saturday

May 27th, 2023: Workshop - Write Something Saturday

July 20th, 2023: Stained Anthology Launch Party

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