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Catherine is from Austin and lives in Baltimore. She graduated from Texas Tech University with bachelor's degrees in Spanish and Marketing, and a master's in English. She was previously an associate editor of Iron Horse Literary Review. Every so often, Catherine sits in the park to write while her dog hunts rats.

She is currently looking for her keys, please reach out if you know where they might be.

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Stained: An Anthology of Writing About Menstruation

"People keep telling me about New Mexico in Lubbock" (2023)

Peach Mag

"Never Been Kissed // Always Been Kissed" (2022)

CutBank Literary Journal - 95

"It's almost tomato season and you know what that means" (2021)

Perhappened - Homecoming Issue

"Falconry" (2021)

House Mountain Review - Broadside Contest Winner

"Underpainting" (2021)


Soliloquies 23.2  

"Valencia" (2019)

Porter House Review Editor's Prize - Finalist  

"At Bay" (2019) 

catheXis northwest press

"After I read god's voice" (2019)

"אהבה, Swastika" (2019)


"Triangle of Reference" (2019)

The Nasiona 

"The Tree is a Body" (2019)

Princemere Poetry Prize - Finalist (2018)

Stephan Ross Huffman Poetry Prize - First Place (2017)

Texas Tech Pride Poetry Slam - First Place (2017)

Readings & Events

August 3, 2018: BORDERLESS at Studio 4

November 15, 2018: LHUCA Literary Series with Emma Rae Hightower, Catherine Ragsdale, and Vievee Francis

August 2, 2019: Art & Poetry & Fundraising at FFAT at Studio C

October 10, 2019: Geography of the Body in West Texas Sowell Collection Roundtable

March 5, 2020: AWP Offsite, Flatland Flash at Cherrity Bar

March 21, 2021: Virtual Workshop Reading

July 9th, 2022: Workshop - Write Something Saturday

October 8th, 2022: Workshop - Write Something Saturday

May 27th, 2023: Workshop - Write Something Saturday

July 20th, 2023: Stained Anthology Launch Party

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